SATYA KI PRATIROOP (Images of Truth)  
Running time : 50 minutes
Language : no text only music
No of actors : 8 +1 technical person

Images of Truth deals with the ideology of the apostle of peace `Mahatma Gandhi', the performance is a series of visual images set to a contemporary music track from different countries, portraying the universal nature of the message.
Ishara in its own special style uses puppets, masks, objects, actors and dance to present ideals dear to the Mahatma; Apartheid, Satyagaraha, Non Violence- Images of history flow together with the foibles of the Empire and present day India.
The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts Delhi, commissioned images of truth.

  THANATOMORPHIA (the many faces of death)  

Running time : 60 minutes
Language : no text only music
Number of performers : 7 +1 technical person

Thanatomorphia was conceived and choreographed by Astad Deboo; one of India's leading modern dancers.Astad collaborated with the Ishara puppet theater, looking at death as a seducer, dancer, a liberator and a celebration of life.
Dancers, Abstract Masks and Puppets create scenes; visually beautiful and powerful looking at death not in the negative sense; But a natural process.

Vijay Tendulkars play Cyclewalla was a culmination of one of the workshops, with the second year students of the National School of Drama Delhi.
The Performance incorporated actors and puppets playing at different levels of the protagonists journey and subconscious.

Running time : 40 minutes
Language : Hindi
Number of performers : 9 +1 technical person

(based on Rabindranath Tagores famous Tasher Desh or the kingdom of Cards)
Colorful body masks of various cards play the rules of the kingdom ; where a prince lost in this magical card dome ,falls in love with a princess of hearts, and brings her to life, battling wicked Jacks and his exploitative goons, Adapted in Hindi for an audience of children and Adults.
Commissioned by the international Trade fair authority of India.


Running time : 30 minutes
Language : Poem narrated in english
Number of performers : 9 +1 technical person

(based on Randhir Khares poem "failed to be human")
A moving piece created for the first Safdar Hashmi memorial festival.
With large rod puppets, a half hour performance to music, on man, his similarities, his thirst for power, creating a dictator and then the downfall or unmasking of the despot. A voice for a better future for our children.


Running time : 45 minutes
Language : Hindi
Number of performers : 9 +1 technical person

(based On H.C.Andersons The Emperors New Clothes)
This famous story is adapted in colloquial Hindi to a present day satire.Using large masks and colorful costumes to a recorded music sound track.Ishara's fun performance for adults and children of all ages, full of humor ,colorful visuals and slapstick. Commissioned by the International Trade Fair Authority of India.

Ishara has done program's for the ministry of Health in their pavilion on the benefits of O.R.S. The Agri Expo theme pavilion, and for International Literacy day celebrated in Delhi by the UN. With a fantasy spectacle at the Talkatora indoor stadium Delhi, a live performance using masks and actors, which was commissioned by the literacy mission India.
"Land of Thumbs" a puppet show organised by Dadi D. Pudumjee have been specially arranged as part of ILD celebrations on 8th September, 1993. this programme was witnessed by, VVIPs including the President of India and more than 2500 invited audience, at the Talkotara indoor stadium.
(der Double Schatten - Puppet Theatre Berlin GDR )
The Double Shadow was adapted from a popular story by Vijay Dan Detha of Rajasthan.
Dadi was a guest director in 1979 at the Puppen Theatre Berlin erstwhile GDR to design and direct a Shadow play on the story.
Large Shadow puppets made of acetate and narrators played the Rajasthani story.
             Copyright @ The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust